There Are 4 Common Types Of Swimming Buoys

Buoys are swimming devices made of foam or plastic that are designed to float. There are various forms from small to large, in addition to safety, this tool is used for balance when training leg movements while swimming. Furthermore, there's also the pull buoy that is made not only for safety but also to improve the user swimming performance.

Here are 4 common types of swimming buoys:

1. Life jacket

The life jacket is useful for maintaining safety when doing water activities and when doing water sports including swimming. By using this tool when swimming, you will feel more safe floating on the water. This tool is a vest with safety standards that are always worn by members of the navy.

With the advantage of having a higher buoyancy than other types of swimwear. This tool is considered economical and is equipped with safety standards. What usually characterizes this equipment is the orange color, which is accompanied by two color variants of the rope, namely blue and black.

2. Swimming board

A swimming board is usually used when learning to swim, as a means of floating for beginners. This type of tool is commonly used to help slide during freestyle swimming and frog-style swimming, which focuses on moving the legs. Learning to swim in the freestyle and frog style with this tool is considered to be more effective.

How to use this tool is to hold the board, then slide on the surface of the water and move your feet. Besides, it can strengthen the hands by clamping the tool on the thighs so that the legs or thighs are always on top. when learning to swim using this tool, only the hands will move with the breaststroke or free.

3. Swim belt

A swim belt is a type of swimming safety device with a 2-inch wide strap that fits comfortably around the waist and has an elastic band on the back. The belt can be easily attached to the waist with an adjustable clip component at each end. This tool is made for various sizes of swimming pools.

This tool is designed to float, keeps the body in a precise vertical position, to relieve stress on the lower back. This swim belt is widely used by beginners as well as athletes and professional swimmers and even swimming coaches.

4. Swim ring

Swim rings are derived from the inner tires of the vehicle. The tires are blown or inflated and then used as a means to float. But these types of tools aren't designed to save you from drowning.

This tool is used around the user's body, usually only under the arm or sitting on top. At this time swim rings have been made in various forms for both children and adults. Made in many sizes according to user needs.

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